Dating Myths

Dating Myths
Dating myths have been around for a very long time and are hazardous in the dating world. Having disastrous effects, dating myths lead people to believe misconceptions about dating. These false impressions shouldn’t be believed, however, to ensure you don’t fall victim to one, we have summarised six of the most common dating myths.

1 – You’ll instantly know they’re the one

It might happen in films and on television, but in the real world, this rarely happens. If everyone followed this rule, there would be far less successful dating experiences and an increase in disappointment. To know if the person you’re dating is ‘the one’ then you’ll need to take time getting to know them properly. Don’t make the mistake of judging too quickly.

2 – Finding a partner will make you feel complete

You don’t need a partner to make you feel complete. If you believe this myth then it’s a good idea to spend some quality time alone and find fulfilment within your own life before looking for a partner. Once you feel complete in your own life, that’s the time to start looking for a partner, who will become an extra bonus in your already fulfilled life.

3 – The more people you date, the greater your chances of meeting ‘the one’

Spreading yourself thinly and dating numerous people won’t work in your favour. You will end up exhausted and unable to connect with anyone. Instead, focus on dating one important person and form a connection with them.

4 – The more people you date, the easier dating becomes

In the ideal world maybe, but dating is a continuous learning experience. Everyone is different; therefore dating each new person will be a different experience. Dating more people will add to your dating knowledge, but it doesn’t make it any easier. People still make mistakes when dating and learn from them, but that doesn’t make them an expert.

5 – Dating is easier for attractive people

Dating isn’t easy for anyone, regardless of appearance. There is so much more to dating than looks. Compatibility is based on so many factors including interests, values, hopes and future dreams. Two very attractive people could date each other, but if there’s no other connection or compatibility between them, then it will be a disaster. An attractive person may find their good looks are a hindrance as that is all they are judged on.

6 – I can change them

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can change someone; only they can change for themselves if they want to. No one is perfect and everyone has flaws, therefore you have to decide if you will accept them as they are. If they possess qualities you don’t like, don’t just put up with them whilst secretly hoping they will change for you.

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