What do women fear most about dating?

What do women fear most about dating?
Having fears when dating is perfectly normal and can vary from person to person. Women’s fears tend to be related to emotional needs, being alone and finding a connection. There’s nothing wrong with having fears; they make you more cautious which could be to your advantage in some situations. However, the last thing you want is for fear to have a negative impact on your dating experiences and hold you back. Below are some of the most common fears women have towards dating.

He won’t commit to her

Continuous dating with no sign of commitment is a major fear many women have. Commitment itself is a fear many men have (please see our article What do men fear most about dating.) Women like to know they’re not wasting time by endless dating and need the reassurance that they will have security further down the line.

She will scare him off

Having emotional support in a relationship is a must for women, but finding a balance between being too needy emotionally and being able to deal with everyday situations is a worry. Some people are more ‘needy’ and ‘clingy’ than others. Women who are aware of their neediness fear it will be the cause of a failed relationship. Depending upon their partner in this way is draining and can lead to resentment and even jealousy. Their fear often comes from past experiences.

She will be abandoned for another woman

It’s only natural to compare yourself to others, but having insecurities, like most people do, can cause women to fear their partner will leave them for another woman. Whether the insecurity is about their appearance or their personality, there is always a risk that they’ll be left for someone else, but dating is risky and it’s a gamble that everyone has to take if they want to find that special person. Dwelling on the thought of being abandoned will only bring negativity to the relationship and that alone can ruin a potentially happy future.

She will be left alone

The thought of being alone later in life can be a scary thought. Your mind can go into overdrive thinking of situations where being alone has an impact. This can result in a woman settling for a partner rather than being true to herself and waiting to see what the future holds. Some women, and men, would prefer to settle for someone rather than be alone.

Getting hurt

As previously mentioned, dating is a risky game. There’s no guarantee of a heartache-free dating experience. It’s perfectly normal and very common to fear getting hurt when dating. Usually, this fear is from past experiences and is, unfortunately, part of the dating experience. The only way to find a partner is to take a risk and join the dating game and try to have fun doing so.

He won’t find her attractive

Being low in confidence about looks is a common worry many women have. Every woman wants to feel good and wants to look their best to impress their date. Appearance is the first thing a date or potential date will see; therefore the fear of being rejected due to looks is understandable. It just takes one negative comment, or to see an ex with someone more glamorous, to cause a woman to have low self-esteem about their looks and assume no man will find her attractive.

He will get bored with her

Everyone wants to keep their partner happy and content, but many women fear they won’t be able to keep that up and in time their partner will get bored and eventually leave her.

He’ll turn out like her ex

Comparing a new date to an ex is natural but harmful. Assuming every future date will act the same way as previous partners could put an end to a potentially great relationship before it’s had a chance to thrive. Many women enter a new relationship waiting for their partner to be just like their ex.

She’s afraid he isn’t what he seems

Women fear being romanced by someone dishonest, or even dangerous and believe good initial impressions are just a cover for a man’s true colours. Most people are on their best behaviour at the start of a relationship, which is why many women wonder how long the good behaviour will last and fear further down the line they will notice a change in personality. Being suspicious of their behaviour when there’s no need will result in a self-destructive relationship. If a woman has trust issues before a relationship has had a chance to survive, then there’s little chance of it being successful.

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