Postal Scams

Postal Scams
Scammers use several variations of the postal scam, but the principle is the same for all of them; they all ask you for money. Here we have outlined the most common postal scams.

  • A scammer will tell you a relative is ill and they need a plane ticket urgently to the UK to visit them, therefore requiring your money to pay for the plane ticket.
  • They will tell you they need money for an urgent operation for a relative who has been involved in a serious accident or is critically ill.
  • They will claim to have run out of money and ask you for money to tide them over until they get their wages.
  • They will tell you they are a student and need some money while they complete their university degree.
  • They will tell you they need money to buy a mobile phone so they can speak to a sick relative.
  • They may ask you to cash a cheque for them.
  • They will tell you they want to visit you but can’t afford the travel expenses, consequently, you will be asked for money to pay for them to visit you.
  • They will tell you that they are stranded abroad with no money and require your financial help.
  • They will tell you that they have been the victim of a mugging and have had all their credit cards and money stolen, and therefore require your money to help them.
  • You may get a message from a scammer claiming to be a relative of a deceased government official who will ask for your assistance in transferring large sums of money. They will promise you a large amount of money in return for allowing them to use your bank account.

Postal scams – what do I do?

With all of the above scams, you will be made to believe that you are the only person who can help the scammer. It is at this point you need to ask yourself how it is possible that you are the only person who can help them, considering you have never met them. Having gained your trust and even your heart, a scammer will take advantage of your feelings and kind nature. No matter how well you feel you know the person you are in contact with, never ever reveal your bank details or send them any money. If you receive any of the scams outlined here, report it immediately to [email protected] and stop all correspondence with them. To ensure you stay safe when using online dating services, make sure you read our article regarding online dating safety advice.

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