First Date Ideas

First Date Ideas
Before choosing a suitable first date idea there are a few things you need to think about:-

  • Make sure you choose a public place for your first date as you and your date are both still strangers to one another and you will both feel much safer and comfortable meeting where there are other people about.
  • Remember to reread your date’s online profile and messages you have sent to one another. It may help you choose a venue for your date and remind you of their likes and dislikes. Look out for useful information on topics such as eating, if your date is a vegetarian then planning a date to a steak restaurant is not a good idea.
  • Make sure your date venue is at a location where you can both arrive and leave independently, easily and safely.
  • Choose a venue that you will also like. There is no point in choosing a venue that you know your date will love but you will hate. You could end up not having a good time which is disastrous for a first date and your date will pick up on your attitude. Maybe leave that particular location for a future date.
  • Think of the expense. Don’t spend all your money impressing your date, be realistic and sensible. If you can’t afford a fancy restaurant, then don’t go to one; there are plenty of alternatives. For some great low-cost date suggestions, see our article about dating on a budget.
  • Try to avoid noisy places such as clubs where having a conversation is nearly impossible. However, if you and your date both enjoy going to clubs, then maybe you could go to a club and move on to somewhere else after, or even meet up in a less deafening location beforehand where you will have a chance to get to know one another.
  • Action dates are great for interaction between you which helps to create a bond with your date. Activities together will give the impression that you have spent more time with your date than you actually have and make you feel as if you know them more. Action dates can also be more fun and memorable which helps to build a connection between you and your date, both physically and emotionally. Remember to warn your date, so they can wear suitable clothing for the date.
  • Remember that your first date doesn’t necessarily have to be in an evening. Day time dates or lunch dates are also great choices.

First Date Ideas


Going to a restaurant is quite a safe option, as long as you know the type of food your date likes, or there is a variety of food options available on the menu. You will have a chance to have a conversation in a restaurant and the opportunity to move on to somewhere else after if desired. It is not advised to go to an expensive restaurant, which could end up costly which is not good especially if the date doesn’t go as well as you’d hoped.

Coffee shop

Meeting for a coffee is an ideal option for a first date. It is affordable, classy, and comfortable and has an intimate surround where you can get to know your date. It is a perfect location to have a relaxed interesting conversation and a memorable first date.

Drink in a bar

You must choose carefully about which bar you would like to have your first date in. If you choose a popular bar on a Friday or Saturday night then it may become very crowded and loud making conversation difficult to achieve. Also, you risk bumping into people you know, which isn’t always what you want when you are on a first date, plus if you meet friends they may invite themselves to sit with you. Choosing a cosy bar on a weekday will usually be quieter where a conversation will be possible, allowing you to get to know your date more. This is quite an inexpensive which would also be suitable as a lunch date.


Going to the cinema doesn’t allow for many conversations on a first date. However, you do have the option of meeting beforehand for a drink which also allows you to discuss which film you would like to see, which can be useful especially if you don’t know what to talk about. Try to watch a film that you both agree on as it won’t be a good first date if you don’t enjoy the film. Going to the cinema is a good idea particularly if you are shy. You don’t have to talk during the film but it will give you something to talk about afterwards.


Going for a picnic, for example in the park, will allow you to have a stimulating conversation in a quiet location. It will show that you have made an effort without overdoing things. Try to keep the food simple, sandwiches and fruit salads are perfect. Sitting on a rug sipping a glass of wine can be romantic as well as relaxing which will help the conversation to flow and beautiful surroundings will give you something to discuss.


If you both love animals, this is a perfect choice. You can spend as much time at the zoo as you need, so allow plenty of time. If conversation isn’t your strong point, then going to the zoo is ideal as there is always a distraction about usually in the form of an animal behaving amusingly, again possibly giving you something to discuss.

Mini golf

Mini golf is an excellent action first date idea. It is fun, inexpensive, and an activity you can enjoy together. It allows for some physical contact, especially if you have to show your date how to hold the putter.


Bowling is also an excellent action first date idea. It is an activity you can enjoy together and still have the opportunity to have a conversation.

Ice skating

Whether you are an expert at ice skating or not, it is a great first date choice which is fun and inexpensive. It gives you the perfect opportunity to hold your date’s hand and have a good giggle, either at yourselves or other people falling over.

Art Gallery or Museum

Going to an art gallery or museum can be an uplifting experience. It will allow you to look at interesting objects and will either allow you and your date to discuss the artistic or historic items or have a giggle about what you have seen. Either way, it will be a light-hearted and memorable date.

The races

Whether you choose horse racing, dog racing, or car racing, an afternoon at the races is a good idea for a first date, especially of one of them really interests you. It can help take the tension out of a first date and give you something to discuss as well as being fun to watch. Be careful not to get too carried away watching the races and forget all about your date.

Playing pool

Playing a game of pool allows you to show off your pool skills, which will help to impress your date. There may also be some physical contact especially if you show your date how to hold the cue.


Go-karting is a brilliant example of an action first date idea. It gives you the chance to show off your driving skills, plus test your date’s road abilities. It will give you something to talk about afterwards and possibly joke about your date’s driving skills which may help you both to relax.

Amusement park

A first date at an amusement park will never be a boring date. It will allow you to have some childish fun and possibly win a big cuddly teddy bear. Go for a spin on the Ferris wheel, but make sure you or your date isn’t afraid of heights first. Having fun at an amusement park will be a memorable first date and will help to create a connection between you.


We have already suggested that you avoid noisy places for a first date, however, if your favourite music artist is having a concert locally and your date likes the same artist, then enjoying your favourite music together may be an excellent option for a first date. It will definitely give you something to talk about afterwards, possibly on a second date.

The Beach

A beach date is usually weather dependant, but the ideal way to enjoy the sun. It will give you the perfect opportunity to show off your body, plus get a peek at your date in their swimming outfit. However, if you are a little conscious about your body, this type of date may make you feel a little uncomfortable, so it may be best to avoid the beach, as a first date idea anyway. You should be thinking about interesting things to say on a first date, not worrying about how you look on the beach and trying to discreetly cover yourself up.

Boat tripe

As long as you or your date do not get seasick, a boat trip along a river can be a romantic first date idea. Most towns or cities offer some form of boat trip but make sure the boat takes you back to the original starting point otherwise you may find yourself with a long walk afterwards or a bus ride back which could spoil the whole romantic feel of the date.

Tour bus trip

An open-top bus trip around your nearest city gives you a chance to get to know your date, plus the opportunity to point out places you would like to visit, including where you would like to go for lunch or dinner after the bus ride.


Going to a casino is a great first date idea. It may be new for both of you in which case it will be a great new experience to share. It’s not such a good idea if you are a big gambler as you may get carried away and forget you are on a date.

Kite flying

A windy day is vital for this first date idea, so an ideal location for kite flying is the beach. Kite flying allows for some physical contact, especially if it is really windy and you are required to help your date handle the kite. Flying a kite on a blustery autumn day can be very romantic, especially when cuddles are required to keep you both warm.

A balloon ride

A balloon ride is weather dependant, so it may be a good idea to have another first date idea in mind if the weather doesn’t suit on the day of the date. A balloon ride isn’t a good idea if you or your date has a fear of heights, otherwise, the whole date could be a disaster. Floating over towns and countryside can be very romantic, particularly if you have champagne to sip on. If your date becomes a little scared, it is the perfect excuse to hold their hand.

Bungee jumping or abseiling

This is a very adventurous first date idea. It will probably require both you and your date to be thrill-seekers. If you are both bold individuals who get bored and restless sitting in a restaurant chatting, then these are perfect first date ideas for you. If you are scared of heights then this type of date is not such a good idea. If your date is an expert at these activities, then don’t put pressure on yourself and feel you should be as good as they are. This type of date will definitely get the adrenalin pumping, and be a memorable experience which you can talk about on future dates.

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