How to have a Successful Second Date

How to have a Successful Second Date

Arranging a second date generally indicates the first date was a success. Having managed to get through one date, the pressure is on to make the second date successful too. You experienced first date nerves the last time, therefore this time you should feel more relaxed knowing you’ve already gone through the hard part of the first date. The second date is all about getting to know each other better but in a more relaxed atmosphere. However, this is where you might worry about what you’ll talk about, especially if you used all your conversation starters on the first date. Here are our top tips on making date number two just as great as the first date.

Do something different

Don’t simply repeat what you did for your first date, do something different. You want this date to feel special too and not become a mixed memory with the first date. If last time you went out for a meal, do something else this time, such as a day at the coast, a visit to the zoo, or simply meet for a coffee. Being indifferent surroundings will allow you to see your date in a different light.

Be yourself

Although you want to impress your date, it’s important you act naturally. If you started acting unnaturally and say things you don’t normally say, your date will see through that and question who you are as a person. They’re there to meet the real you, not someone trying too hard to impress. If you’re comfortable, it’s likely they’ll be comfortable too.

Remember previous conversations

By remembering conversations you had on your first date, you’re sure to make a good impression on your second date. This makes conversation a little easier by giving you a starting point.

Ask questions

Show you’re genuinely interested and ask your date questions. Rather than firing a string of questions at them, wait for them to respond to each question and share some information about you with regards to the same question. Pay close attention to their responses and appear interested. Most importantly, try not to make the questions awkward or too personal.

Don’t rush things

A second date is a great step in the right direction, but it doesn’t mean it’s time to be full-on and romantic. You’re still at the early stages of getting to know each other and making a connection so don’t spoil it by getting too personal too soon. Assuming you’re instantly a couple because you’re on a second date could jeopardise your chances of a relationship forming, so slow down and enjoy each date and allow a relationship to form naturally. Physical intimacy on a second date can be confusing afterwards and leave you wondering what it means for the future, so keep this for further down the line.

Don’t reveal too much information

As with a first date, revealing too much information on a second date isn’t advisable. You’re making a connection and finding out who you both are as people, but that doesn’t mean revealing too much personal information. You don’t know how trustworthy your date is just yet, even if you feel you’ve known them much longer than you have, they’re still relatively a stranger to you. You don’t want to later regret how much information you disclosed about yourself.

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