Online Dating Advice

Online Dating Advice

Online dating is the same as any other type of dating, whether it is a blind date set up by a friend or a date you have set up via Completely Free Dating, your safety should always be your first priority when you talk to someone new. We have put together the following practical online dating advice, to help keep you safe.

Online Dating Advice – The “do’s”

The following list shows our online dating advice “do’s”.

Do stay anonymous

One of the key things you can do while online dating, unlike other forms of dating, is you can stay anonymous while you get know someone. You can do this by only using the Completely Free Dating messaging system during the initial stages of contact. Never give someone your personal email address or any other contact details until you are completely happy to. Even if they give you their email address, if you are not happy yet, continue using our messaging system until you are ready to give your details.

Do keep your identity safe

Never post your full real name, phone number, place of work, home address or any other information that will make you personally identifiable in your online dating profile. Also, do not give any of these details to anyone who contacts you until you are completely happy.

Do look out for scammer’s

Unfortunately, scam artists operate on virtually every Internet community services. Never offer or send anyone any money no matter how tempting they make it sound if it sounds too good to be true, it more than likely is!!! For more information see the UK government’s information page about Internet Scams.

Do create an informative online dating profile

Give lots of information about you, what you like, what you do, what you are looking for, why you are looking, etc… Don’t be afraid to tell people about things like you have children or you like football. Members like to know about other members and the more information you can give, the more likely it is someone will contact you. Some people might be put off by the things you say, but others will be attracted by it, everyone is different and everyone is interesting in some way, shape or form. Keep it honest and the rest will sort itself out.

Do be honest

Always be honest in your profile and in exchanges with other members. Untrue information and photos will irritate other members and will probably end a relationship before it has begun.

Do trust your feelings

If you ever feel threatened or unsure stop communicating immediately.

Do report abuse

If you feel another member is abusing Completely Free Dating please report this to us immediately. Abuse includes:

  • Members sending offensive messages
  • Minors (under 18 years old)
  • Married or attached people
  • Members behaving inappropriately after meeting in person
  • Fraudulent registrations or profiles
  • Members spamming and/or scamming other members
  • Members trying to sell things via the service
  • Members asking you for money or donations

If any of these happen to you or you think a member is acting inappropriately in any way, please report them immediately by email to [email protected].

Online Dating Advice – The “don’ts”

The following list shows our online dating advice “don’ts”.

Don’t over-promise

Don’t promise anything when talking to other members, when in reality you’d be uncomfortable if you meet in person. Flirting is fine in messages but keep it to what you are happy with and if the person you are talking to takes it too far for you let them know.

Don’t do anything unless you’re happy

Never do anything unless you are completely happy. If you wouldn’t do it in person don’t do it online. Using sexy names and/or making out you are up for anything in your profile might get you extra attention, but ask yourself “is it really the sort of attention you want?” If it is, then that is fine, but if it not then keep it a little more conservative.

Don’t let love get the better of you

Keep your wits about you at all times and use your common sense. If something doesn’t add up or seems too good to be true it probably is. At all times the best approach is a cautious approach.

Don’t reply to scammers?

Again, never offer or send anyone any money no matter how tempting they make it sound if it sounds too good to be true, it more than likely is! See the UK government’s information page about Internet Scams for more detailed information.

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