Flirting tips

Flirting Tips

Flirting and being able to flirt is one of the most important things you can learn to do and the importance of flirting and being a good flirt really cannot be under-estimated. Flirting is all about having fun and giving out signals that you like someone. Flirting makes the person you are talking to feel good and bring you closer together, but it is so easy to get flirting wrong. If you ever ask yourself the question “How do I know if I am actually flirting?” or “How do I know if I am being flirted with?” then read our article on Flirting Indicators. Flirting too much can put people off and make it seem like you are only after one thing. However, flirting too little can make you look uninterested. Remember our flirting tips and that flirting is all about having fun, for both you and the person you are flirting with. So put a smile on your face, hold your head high and enjoy yourself. The following flirting tips should help you get it right.

The “do’s”

The following is a list of flirting “do’s”. Try to remember these flirting tips when flirting:

  • Put a smile on your face, this is the most important thing you can do when flirting as it shows you are friendly, comfortable and enjoying yourself.
  • Talk to the person you are flirting with about things you like and enjoy. For example, if you like football, say you do. Avoid controversial topics or things you don’t like. Saying things like “I hate…” makes you sound negative and being negative is always a mistake when flirting. Please see our article on first date conversation for more advice on what to discuss.
  • While flirting make regular direct eye contact and hold their gaze slightly longer than usual but don’t force it and don’t stare. Try to make it look natural.
  • Ask questions about the things the person you are flirting with is talking about to show you are listening and interested, even if you’re not.
  • ‘I wonder’ and ‘I think’ are good ways to start sentences when flirting.
  • Ladies, playing with hair, straw or stirrer can be alluring to men when done right!!!
  • Give sincere compliments to the person you are flirting with, people love to be flattered.
  • Casually touching the person you are flirting with on the arm or hand can be appreciated, but be careful and don’t overdo it.
  • Sit up straight with your chin up when flirting, slouching will give off the wrong impression.
  • If you are introduced, always offer your hand to shake, repeat their name and say hello clearly and ask a question to get the ball rolling.
  • Remember, when flirting, use all the above in moderation, if you overdo it, it will seem fake and forced.

The “don’ts”

The following is a list of flirting “don’ts”. Remember these flirting tips when flirting:

  • When flirting never use chat up lines, they simply don’t work and will just make you look like a fool.
  • Try not to fidget when flirting. Fidgeting will make it look like you are uncomfortable and nervous. This might well be the case, but you don’t want to let the person you are flirting with know.
  • Don’t cross your arms across your chest as this comes over as defensive and the last thing you are trying to be when flirting is defensive.
  • Never look down when speaking while flirting, look at the person you are flirting with and try to make regular eye contact. Remember you are flirting with them, you’re not flirting with the ground.
  • Try not to punctuate sentences with nervous ‘emm’ or ‘huh’ sounds and never use phrases like ‘y’know’.
  • While flirting do not bite fingernails, pick at cuticles and never ever scrape dirt from beneath your nails, if you’re out to flirt they should be clean already!!!


Armed with our flirting tips you should become an expert at flirting in no time and with practice, your flirting will become natural, which will make your flirting even better and you a better flirt. Visit our Flirting Indicators article to identify flirting body language.

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