If I’m not interested in another date, do I say so?

If you’ve already decided during your first date that you don’t want to arrange a second, it’s best to be honest and not waste any more of their or your time. At the end of the date don’t agree to a second date if you’ve no intention of going through with it and definitely don’t lean in for a kiss, as you’ll only give mixed signals. Remember that they have feelings too, so be kind if you decide to tell them face to face that you don’t want to see them again. Explain that you like them, but only as a friend and you see no future together in a relationship. Once you’ve said this, don’t allow them to try and change your mind. If you’d rather explain over the phone, simply end the date by thanking them for their time and wait until you next speak on the phone to explain that you don’t wish to arrange another date. For all you know, they may feel exactly the same way too.

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