Benefits of Online Dating

Benefits of Online Dating
There are many benefits to online dating as opposed to the more traditional ways of finding a date. Some people only see negative sides to online dating and ignore the fact that there are many negative sides to finding a date in person too. People tend to look to online dating services after being disappointed looking for love in the ‘real world’.

Online Dating – The Benefits

Here we have outlined some benefits of online dating;

  • You can use its services day or night at a time that suits you, making it ideal for busy people.
  • You can communicate with others in the comfort and safety of your own home.
  • You don’t waste time going on a date only to find out you aren’t compatible. While exchanging messages with each other online you have time to figure out if you are compatible.
  • Online dating can save you money, especially a free dating site, such as Completely Free Dating. If you go out on several dates with someone only to find out you aren’t compatible, you will have spent money on travel, food, drinks, tickets, etc; but if you spend time searching for and communicating with someone online, the chances of having a successful date with them and getting along is greater.
  • So many people use online dating services, giving you a large number of people to search through to find a match, increasing your chances of finding someone special.
  • You don’t have to dress up to send a message, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t look your best.
  • You can chat to more than one person at a time, increasing your chances of finding someone.
  • You can use its services discreetly if you don’t want anyone to know you are looking for love online.
  • Great friendships can develop. Even if you don’t initially find love, you can find friendship, which could possibly last a lifetime.
  • The services allow you to search using particular criteria, leaving you with a selection of people for you to choose from. For example, if you really don’t want to date a smoker, then you can search for non-smokers only. However, if you meet someone in person and later find out they smoke, you could be disappointed.
  • You will be able to concentrate on communicating with someone, without any distraction from your surroundings, whereas in the ‘real world’ there might be loud music or crowds of people.
  • You have time to think about what to write in your messages. It is easy to feel flustered when talking to someone face to face.
  • People tend to express their feelings more in writing, whereas saying their feelings is harder to do due to feeling embarrassed.
  • Everyone on a dating website is there for the same reason, but if you are out in a bar or club looking to meet someone, there might only a handful of the people there looking for the same thing as you.
  • It is possible for chemistry to develop between two people before actually meeting.
  • You get the opportunity to find out about any flaws others may have, instead of finding out about them when you meet up.
  • If there is something about you that you fear puts others off, you can be upfront and honest from the start, avoiding any disappointment if you were to meet. For example, you may have a skin condition that you are embarrassed about, but you have the opportunity to share your concerns beforehand.
  • Communicating online gives you the opportunity to be upfront and ask lots of questions, which isn’t always as easy face to face.
  • As you exchange messages with each other, you can get some sort of idea of how they think and what kind of person they are. That is something that would take several dates to discover if you were to have met in person.
  • When you are out and meet someone, a big part of the connection is physical, but when you meet online, especially if you or they have no image on their profile, you initially get to know each other for who you are, and not what you look like.
  • Rejection is never pleasant, whether you are on the giving or receiving end. However, it is a little easier when it happens online with someone you have never met.

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