Top 8 reasons why you don’t get a response to your profile

Top 8 reasons why you don't get a response to your profile
When people join an online dating service such as Completely Free Dating, they tend to assume that they will have other members send them messages instantly. Sometimes this is the case, but not always. If you have been using online dating services for a while, you will probably realise that interest in your profile isn’t always instant. People are very quick to blame other members for not responding when in reality it is often their own fault for the lack of interest in their profile. The idea is to have a profile to entice others to contact you, not just to briefly create a profile that “will do”. The profile you upload is all other members have to go by, so it is important that you create one of a high standard.Here we have outlined some reasons which could explain why you have had no response from other members:

  • Your profile might not be very detailed. That doesn’t give someone much to go by when deciding whether to contact you or not. If you have written only one line, then that shows you aren’t really interested in making an effort, resulting in others not making an effort to contact you.
  • By not uploading a profile photo you can really harm your online dating success. Others will assume you have something to hide or your appearance isn’t great if you don’t upload a picture. People like to know who they are talking to. Some members won’t even consider a profile unless it has a picture.
  • The image(s) you upload might not be the most suitable, instantly putting others off you. If you look miserable, why would someone want to contact you? Alternatively, your image might be unclear, very old, show more than one person, show a body but no head in view, all of which can put others off.
  • You might come across as being too picky. There is nothing wrong in knowing what you want, but being too specific can really limit your compatibility with others.
  • Writing a profile using text speak can really limit your chances. Not everyone understands text speak and you can appear lazy. If your profile contains numerous spelling and grammar mistakes, again other members can be put off by your errors.
  • If you are very specific about what you are after, such as just a sexual encounter, then you have already limited yourself. On a dating website, many people are looking for a partner, so already the number of people that could potentially contact you is reduced. If you mention that you’re hoping to find a future husband or wife, that can scare others away. It might be what they will eventually want too, but by mentioning it in your profile you could scare off potential dates.
  • If you have been hurt in the past by ex-partners, which most people have, don’t tell everyone about it in your profile. You will appear as if you can’t let go of the past and others will think you are angry and have issues to sort out before you can move on.
  • Although other members will want to know a bit about you, don’t overdo it by writing an essay. The aim is to write a paragraph or two about who you are, what you like and what it is you are after from online dating. You don’t have to mention every single thing you like, just your main likes and even your hobbies, interests and what you do for a living. Keep it to the point but informative.

The points above explain how your profile can be to blame for others not contacting you, but you mustn’t forget that not everyone will find you appealing, just like you won’t find everyone else appealing. If you have your profile the best quality that you can, then the rest is down to personal preference. Instead of sitting back waiting for others to send you messages, why not increase your chances of a response and send some messages yourself. With online dating, you usually have to be patient. If you don’t have much luck in the first few weeks, don’t give up. New people join every day and there will always be a chance that they could be the one for you.

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